Fungi with a Fun Guy

“What do you know about micro-dosing?” A friend recently asked me out of the blue…

“Quite a bit, actually,” I responded cautiously.

Anytime someone asks you about ‘drugs’ it is important to respond noncommittally, sort of like if they ask you if you can help them move this weekend.

Why? You tryin’ to get into it?”

She nodded, and was hesitant before divulging that she’d been, “sad recently”.

“I know that game.”

In fact, I’ve been mad lately…but, it’s just a shade away – ‘Mad is sad’s bodyguard,’ as they say.

“Well, just so happens, I may know a guy,” I winked, “a fun guy.”

The joke didn’t land on the neophyte.

“I think it’s called silk a cyber?” She ventured.

Pretty close…

Psilocybin is a naturally occurring psychedelic compound produced by more than 200 species of fungus.” – Wikipedia

Recently en vogue with celebrities, athletes, and public figures alike…hell, even Gwenyth Paltrow has been dabbling in this direction…

In a natural setting, mushrooms grow up out of shit…they are the product of the purification process of the earth, and – as such – they contain a similarly purifying element for the human psyche.

Not all mushrooms are the same…if 200 fungi are known to produce some measure of psilocybin, many of them also come with an inherent level of toxicity.

If I take too many of them, my tummy reminds me of this fact.

Micro-dosing, on the other hand, is unlikely to hit your stomach too hard, or to trip you out…it just sort of turns the happiness dial up.

By definition a micro-dose is taking a little bit at a time – and has been shown to cumulatively, and positively, affect brain chemistry. You might consume, for example, as much over the course of a month as one would in a single night for a ‘breakthrough dose’.

At .10 – .20 grams/day they turn your happiness up…at a half gram and up you start to get goofy…and, if you take over a gram you should probably stay home.

Psilocybin sweeps out the cobwebs in the corner of the mind, cleaning up the clutter and clearing out that which does not serve you. You may cry a little, or smile a lot, during the process…but this brain-brushing seems a necessary component to a happy and healthy human organism, a productive tool for transformation and integration.

I typically do a macro-dose of this substance (or, another) at least once a year, and tend to micro-dose in one of two ways: 1, like one might use Advil in response to acute symptoms; or, 2, like one might take a multivitamin as a daily maintenance of good health.

Other substances that are micro-dosed these days include LSD, Ketamine, and even MDMA (Ecstasy).

(Question: If it’s spelled “Ecstasy” why the hell do kids call it “X”?)

Before you dabble it’s important to know a few things…

  • Experiment in controlled setting with tolerance – you’re likely to be able to function normally on a micro-dose, but be sure of the affects before you try to
  • There is a difference between “decriminalized and legal” – in Colorado, for example, mushrooms are the former…this does not mean you are totally free and clear
  • Mushrooms may be hard on your stomach, but not likely at a micro dose…they can also sometimes make you cold during their onset
  • Always ask “how they are” in terms of potency and affect – a reliably ‘fun-guy’ will know their product well
  • You do NOT want to inhale mushrooms!

I’ve assembled a few additional resources you might want to consult before you dive in – just like you might glance at or study a map before you take a trip…get it?

Check in when you’re ready to talk about macro-dosing…

Good luck, Yogis!


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