About Outlaw Yoga

Technically simple. Physically Challenging.

And a Helluva a lot of FUN!

The practice of Outlaw Yoga was created in 2011 by Justin Kaliszewski. Technically simple and physically challenging, it’s free of frills and devoid of dogma. A practice for the masses…a platform from which to ignite your revolution in consciousness. Experience the difference yourself.

Justin “Jud” Kaliszewski is an award-winning artist, avid adventurer, and the renowned creator of OUTLAW Yoga. An athlete, philanthropist, and activist, he is the author of “The Outlaw Protocol – how to live as an outlaw without becoming a criminal”, and the children’s picture book “The Adventures of Babu – from there to here”

He creates connection by delivering transformational yoga-experiences across the country. Take his class NOW at The Outlaw Yoga Club, or in person at one of our live events.

>> A selection of his writings and paintings can be found at www.justinkaliszewski.com


A revolution in consciousness, Outlaw Yoga is a revolutionary power yoga community. Challenge yourself to practice a new way of being on and off the mat. Outlaw Yoga is a powerful, bold, and fun discipline that includes community and connection at its core.