Successful Fall Cleansing – Be Still and Know

Happy end-of-summer – the blog is back!

I’ve been going pretty hard lately…

In some ways I’m teaching and working more now that the studio’s closed…getting our groundbreaking online teacher training released and open to ongoing enrollment…also, the sky seems to be falling? And the coming months promise to be even fuckier.

Anyone with me?

Ok, I’ve also been drinking a tad too much (which means quite a bit comin’ from me). I’m a big guy and a big drinker – many of you know this about me. Though I do like a beer with a burger – I appreciate everything in moderation…including moderation as the saying goes – I prefer several with a pizza…

I like the buzz that alcohol gives me, and I prefer the taste of whiskey to just about anything (suggestive innuendo there in case you missed it). But, now that my brother has turned 30 (my little brother is thirty freakin’ years old! Happy b-day, again, bro), and I’ve clocked 40 (yes, forty fuckin’ years – insert joke about being ‘young’, Mike Ritchie) I’ve actually been feeling called to ease back on the throttle for a while…to cleanse, and reset.

Just so happens fall’s a good time for that…

This time of year the environment provides some demonstrable cues…it recently plummeted from 91 to 31 in Denver…“warning – swift and severe changes coming!” says the weather.

It’s been a busy summer of teaching for me what with the two live classes at Hudson Gardens and all, so I’m gonna take a little break from teaching LIVE after October 30th for our 10th annual Halloween costume class at the Hudson Gardens where ONLY 20 spots will be sold…but don’t worry lots of great new content is coming your way in the club.

And, I’m gonna cleanse my system…maybe some of you want to too…

I try to remember (or rationalize) that it’s unwise to dive straight in to a full water fast when one’s body has gotten used to the – ahem – inputs that I’ve been giving mine…

So for my cleanse, just as the earth used to ease into fall until we went and ruined it, I’m going to ease into my cleanse thusly:

  • 3-7 days no booze
  • Then 3-7 day broth meal replacement (still no booze)
  • 1-3 day water fast

After that I’ll do my best to ease back in to the foods and – ahem – beverages that I truly enjoy and inspire in me joy…

Here are a few other tips for cleansing success:

– Schedule it out – make sure there are no birthday parties, holidays or special events that invite you to break your program.

I’ve both been ‘that asshole’ at a party who’s ‘on a cleanse’ and won’t eat any of the food, and the wiser of the two fools who intelligently breaks a fast ‘calling community’ in order to honor being an honored guest at a wedding…

– Go shopping – have the things you will need on hand so that you won’t have to walk by the things you don’t in order to restock your fasting faire halfway through a cleanse at the supermarket.

It takes two batches of broth (sometimes 3, and definitely 4-5 if it’s two of you) for a proper broth cleanse. And nothing sucks more than having to go to the fucking store and walk by the candy bars when you haven’t eaten any solid food in a few days.

– Plan out some activities, but rest when you need to – your body will be very clear about what it needs…

I’ve noticed that the first day I’m full of energy that tends to lead me all the way into the middle of day two when I get fucking cranky and should be resting not lifting weights.

– Allow that sometimes you will need to break your program – sometimes these times are not necessarily a failure, but awareness growing…just like learning more turning back instead of reaching the top of the mountain…

Remember to be careful you don’t turn into a dick if you’re successful 😉 you’re on your own journey not everyone needs to know what you just accomplished – there’s nothing more annoying than a yoga teacher walking into the room and talking about the cleanse they just came off.

This is the time to take some supportive supplements like Vitamin C, B-12; or, to finally try on a fun, new ‘alternative practice’ like acupuncture or coffee enemas.

Give this, or something more specifically geared to you, a try and let us know how you do!


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