On Recording the Outlaw Protocol Audiobook

I recently spent a week holed up in my brother’s audio booth, sleeping on his couch, and reading my own book into a microphone…

“You should do an audiobook!” So many have said in response to reading (or perhaps not reading) my book The Outlaw Protocol – how to live as an outlaw without becoming a criminal.

Careful the direction you let the winds of the universe blow you, yogis – I’m now certain that none of those people have recorded an audiobook themselves.

Truth is, it’s a pain in the ass. At times fun and enjoyable for sure, but a pain the ass is still a pain in the ass no matter the temporary form that it takes (there’s a joke there).

I cleared my throat as many times as I cringed at my former self, and ended up sick for the weeks following thanks to several late nights that didn’t see us ‘wrap’ until 2a.

The writing was hard to read at times simply because of the amount of time that’d passed since the publishing – I found in the process that I’d thankfully become both wiser and a better writer since.

Altogether, I’m glad we did it…

Not only will dozens of people have an enhanced access to a text with lessons that have stood the test of time and peer-reviewed scrutiny, but I’ll also likely reap a cool $1.95 per download.

(Watch for me water-falling ones at a club near you!)

Seriously though, as hard as it was at times to push through, my own words provided a solid reminder that sustained discipline is the only way anything gets done – persevering by tapping into a reservoir of grit during the challenging times when all we may want to do is quit.

“There will always be more reasons to quit than to continue.” Wow, needed those words right at that particular page.

We’d cut for the hundredth time, and had only just approached the glorious halfway point.

I’ve heard similar feedback from readers – and hopefully, soon, listeners – that the lessons within came at just the right moment…people who’ve read the book more than once still come up to me and thank me for writing it.

For sharing my story…for owning it.

I appreciate it. Truly.

And – now that it’s behind me, especially – I’m grateful for the experience of getting to read it. (Get it? “got to” vs. “get to”. If you don’t, then give the book a read or a listen). It’s always fun to be in a creative space with Kyle Kaliszewski– my illustrious and mucho-talented brother. The week-long sprint reminding me strangely of the productive period of time that led to the final legs of the book’s initial publishing in the first place (the audiobook’s release strangely coincided with the 5 year anniversary thereof).

“Grace,” as I write in The Protocol, “is gratitude personified.” And I can’t express mine enough for everyone who helps to co-create this moment – for all the Outlaws who have been, are, and are yet to come…

We need you, yogis…you reading…you listening…you sharing your authentic presence with all those in need.

Push through – and remember that we’ll be here with you while you do!

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