Any Asshole Can do Yoga on January 2

At the end of 2021, the only direct advice my grandfather has ever given led me to the Kofa Wildlife Reserve in Southern Arizona… from there, I made my way accidentally, on purpose to the base of a place called ‘Signal Mountain’…

I set up shop at the bottom, ate a bunch of acid, and let the download begin – a good, solid brain-brushing being a productive undertaking once a year or so…

As we enter into a new year, the question of intention often comes to the forefront…we see a surge of memberships in the fitness industry around the first of the year.

We also see a lot of ‘resolutioners’ wash out within the first month precisely because their goals lack specificity.

Turns out any asshole can do yoga on the 2nd (you might be hungover on the 1st) and, check the box that says, “I wanna do more yoga next year”…

So we’re rolling out an intention setting program January 10th – 14th  to help us ring the most out of the new year. It’s designed to subvert the tendency to vaguely commit to a change that never seems to come of its own accord.

If you’re still interested in paving a new path forward 10 days into 2022, please consider joining us.

There’s 5 brand new practices, a half-dozen recordings, and a handful of supporting articles. Packed with tools, journal prompts, and candid reflection, the program is designed to help us hone in on specific, measurable, authentic intentions…it’s FREE for Outlaw Yoga Club members, and $24.99 for non-members.

My intentions for this coming year are simple…not easy.

I’m gonna be a little nicer.

I’m not gonna “be nice”…I’m certainly not gonna be nice to everybody…I’m just gonna be a little nicer across the board…

This planet is gonna get hotter fast, and when it does it’ll be of paramount importance that we all be a little nicer to each other, and to it as it does.

I’m gonna start with the Frenchies by feeding them more fresh cooked meat – carnivores evolved to eat meat, and I’m sick of giving them this pressed crap we call ‘dog food’.

(Plus if I ever had to eat them in a survival scenario, I want them to be as tasty as possible.)

And I’m gonna continue by being a bit nicer to myself…

I’ve stored the hard alcohol away. I didn’t dump it down the drain – that shit’s valuable for trade, and as cleaning for wounds, or otherwise…but, it’s not serving me at the moment, so I’m gonna take a hiatus.

I’m also going to eat as vegetarianish as possible for as long as possible. Veg diets are healthy for the body and mind, and significantly better for the planet as they reduce our carbon footprint and send a message about consumer tastes and preferences to the food industry.

(They now sell Beyond Meat, green juice, and Impossible patties at Costco, just FYI.)

So there they are – my simple intentions. If you want some help setting some of your own, join us January 10th.

As always, good luck out there, Yogis!




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