Outlaw Littleton Studio


Greetings, Outlaws! It is with hope and optimism for the future that we communicate to you today that the Outlaw Yoga Littleton studio will not be reopening at this time…

It is apparent that COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon, and that even operating under the strictest of cleaning and social distancing measures does not eliminate risk of a potentially deadly transmission to our students, OR our teachers…in the interest of doing our part to contribute to public health and safety our physical space will not be resuming operations at this time.

In the absence of mass testing or a vaccine, operating in this environment is simply not worth the huge potential risk to our students. Expecting our current and former members to pay our previous rates for a reduced experience feels unethical to us and counter to who we are and what we stand for…

We understand that other studios and gyms will reopen and operate under social distancing measure for some time, and we’ll be rooting for them…but, it doesn’t make that the right decision for us.

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Outlaw Yoga Online

Outlaw Yoga will transition to an online model where we will continue to grow our offerings in the Outlaw Yoga Club as well as Live Streams to our members only Facebook group.

New courses, tutorials, classes from all of your favorite Outlaw Teachers, as well as setting the gold standard for online Yoga Teacher Training...

LIVE, in-person events are scheduled all summer at The Hudson Gardens and BEYOND, and we are actively on the hunt for additional opportunities with local and national partners to support and collaborate – so, stay tuned!

Once an opportunity prevents itself and its safe to do so – we will once again establish a home base.