Power Flow

Physically Challenging. Technically Simple.


Our power flow classes are a collection of classes that are creatively designed to challenge you in new ways. These classes are appropriate for all-levels.

Exhilarating Yoga

Exhilarating Yoga is a 21 minute class that will empower you to fearlessly face your day. Expect a slow build to a big burst of work - multiple push-ups, mountain climbers, and bursts of cardio to get the heart pumpin'.

Immunity Boosting Yoga

Enjoy this at home yoga practice for sweat, strength, and invigoration. This 20 minute yoga flow with Justin Kaliszewski is a great way to keep you immune system up, your body active, and your brain firing while you're at home.

Push Yourself | Power Flow for Productivitiy

Enjoy this 26 minute power flow that will challenge you to push yourself in the ways you need to. Expect lots of opportunity to customize the practice to what you need with bursts of work, and big openings. Outlaw Yoga Creator, Justin Kaliszewski will challenge you to push yourself to be productive in the ways that will serve you.

Flow Fiercely Into the Week

In this challenging, yet energizing 35-minute class led by Outlaw teacher, Cristen Malia, you will explore where the mind goes once your body is shaped into challenging asanas and ask yourself, 'how do you show up in the fire'?

Do not miss this opportunity to fiercely flow into your week with plenty of plank, push-ups and lunges!